Arcanum Infrastructure, LLC develops, owns, and operates production and support infrastructure assets designed to provide long-term, reliable, and flexible solutions to downstream and petrochemical customers.  

Funds managed and/or advised by Partners Group and First Infrastructure Capital are the principal financial sponsors of the Company. Arcanum is based in Houston, Texas and focuses primarily on opportunities in North America.

What we do:

Arcanum develops and acquires infrastructure assets to supply strategic materials for its customers.  Customers enjoy the benefits of raw material integration without having to invest their own capital or own the asset.  In exchange for long-term offtake from its customers, Arcanum guarantees supply of key raw materials which reduces the overall supply risk for our customers.  Unlike traditional pricing models, Arcanum prices products based on a transparent, equation based pricing mechanism allowing customers to have a clear sight on product costs.

Attractive project characteristics:

  • Midsize business opportunities ($50 million to $500 million per investment)

  • Downstream petrochemical products

  • Long term, stable contract arrangements

  • Located in North America


Arcanum's flagship asset, Raven, is an on-purpose Ethylene-to-Butene-1 processing facility  located in Baytown, Texas.  The Raven asset has long-term fee-based offtake agreements with commitments from multiple Butene-1 buyers for most of its capacity. 

Arcanum Infrastructure, LLC (formerly known as Raven Holding Company, LLC) operates under the trade name Arcanum. Through its subsidiary, Raven Butene-1, LLC (formerly known as SBE Chemical Partners I LLC), the Company is operates the Raven Butene-1 production facility. 

Butene-1 is a linear alpha olefin (LAO) used in the manufacture of a variety of base chemical products, including as a co-monomer for production of polyethylene (LLDPE and HDPE).  Most LAO products are produced by processes that result in a range of products, including Butene-1.  However, the Raven facility is designed for dedicated on-purpose Butene-1 production from the processing of ethylene (an available derivative of natural gas) to meet anticipated growth in the polyethylene and associated markets.